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Every guest who has tasted our gluten-free cuisine, before returning home, leaves a review of the holiday experience at our gluten-free hotel.

Paola S.

“Chocolate krapfen, what a treat!”

1 November 2019

Mila M.

“The gluten-free service at this hotel is really fantastic. I had never seen such a rich buffet at breakfast, where everything, absolutely everything is made right here in the hotel kitchen. The lunch box service seems very convenient to me as well. It’s nice to see the same choices available on the “normal” menu in a gluten-free version, equally good to look at and to eat!”

4 October 2019

Sabina E.

“This hotel isn’t like any other: the meals whether normal or gluten-free are absolutely the same and this means you can feel the same as everyone else.”

1 September 2019

Germana C.

“This is a gluten-free paradise. I will go home fatter and happier because here I am not made to feel “different”. Thank you for your courtesy and kindness.”

16 August 2019

Francesca M.

“As regards the gluten-free cuisine I think Hotel Villa Madonna has achieved perfection! You start with breakfast at the buffet loaded with homemade sweets of every kind…cakes, krapfen, strudel and whatever else you can think of, all delicious! At lunchtime, if you like, you can take it with you. This facilitates those who want to spend all day outdoors. At dinner, the menu is rich and delicious, with the same dishes prepared either gluten-free or not! All I can say is thank you, Villa Madonna!”

3 July 2019

Simonetta M.

“Just like home…actually, better!”

7 March 2019

Mary P.

“We have spent a wonderful weekend at Hotel Villa Madonna. Amazing landscapes and relaxing walks…. what has made our holiday perfect is the fantastic gluten-free food! We’ll come back!”

24 February 2019

Miriam A.

“Skilled, informed personnel like I’ve never experienced before. Large selection on the menu at breakfast and dinner, same dishes for celiacs as for others. Separate area for the gluten-free buffet and at the hotel bar, where you can enjoy drinks, snacks, etc. The management of lactose intolerance is also excellent in my opinion. It is the ideal place where every celiac would have access to when it comes to eating out. I hope everyone hears about it sooner or later!”

29 January 2019

Luciana T.

“I found everyone very attentive and patient toward our particular problem that would ordinarily exclude us from the group, whether as children or as adults. Here there is sensitivity and the desire to simplify our life, make us feel included at the hotel, just like everyone else; it must not be easy but they behave as if it were the simplest, more ordinary thing. Thank you.”

26 December 2018

Aleshia O.

The extreme attention to the celiac guests makes you feel important and considered. It was an amazing feeling. The cuisine is tasty and there is no difference between the gluten free dishes and the other ones.

15 October 2018

Ian D.

“Unique taste of gluten-free meals! I could relish every single dish without fear of  contamination.”

2 September 2018

Kimberly A.

“A safe place in which you can eat gluten and dairy free food.

The breakfast buffet is excellent with a large variety of fresh cake. But pay attention to your glycaemia! ;)“

31 August 2018

Christopher A.

“ 3 years ago I discovered I am celiac. At Villa Madonna, for the first time after that moment, I felt pampered and free to choose what I wanted to eat. It was an awesome feeling! Thank you all!”

24 August 2018

Michael J.

“It was a wonderful vacation. All the food was tasty and the personnel pays real attention to the gluten-free!!”

11 August 2018

Shean J.

“Finally I have just to eat: no worries and no bad thoughts! It was a paradise and the food tasts like heaven!”

2 August 2018

Sinead H.

“For the first time in my life, I have found a large variety of gluten-free products. You can always enjoy your meal with good food and kind personnel. The hotel is not so big and there is a friendly atmosphere. Keep it up!”

24 July 2018

Alex W.

“During my stay at Villa Madonna I felt understood, pampered and not embarrassed for my needs.”

16 July 2018

Sarah O.

“Excellent variety of gluten- and dairy-free dishes, which are identical to the ones of the other guests. Moreover the food was really tasty. I felt as I have never had allergies!”

2 July 2018

Erik P.

“One of the best gluten-free stay that I have never had. Here is the celiac’s paradise! I have found more than what I expected. Thank you all.”

28 June 2018

Sharon C.

“It was a joy eating without worries! Here, you have the opportunity to eat tasty glutenfree food in a wonderful atmosphere”

17 June 2018

Paul M.

“Beautiful and glutnefree Holiday without worries!
Eating without thoughts was super! Food was fantastic with a large variety of choice. also the service and hotel is super!”

5 June 2018

Paul M.

“Excellent cuisine, attention to avoid the contamination and kind service personnel. Here, celiac do not feel “different” thank to the caring of the staff. dedication to kids was also appreciated especially for the variety of the kids menu.”

26 May 2018

Sinead C.

“special food and drinks for celiac! It was the best surprise for me!
I could eat and drink without worries, thank to the attention from the personnel. I didn’t have to speak constantely with the waiters or the cookers. What a dream!”

30 March 2018

Patricia L.

„I love the gluten-free symbol on the plates. For me it has meant safety. At dinner there is a large variety of choice and the menu with 4 courses is amazing!”

10 March 2018

Lucy A.

“Here you don’t feel the different between you and your celiac daughter! She had a wonderful smile when she saw the glute-free buffet at breakfast”

26 February 2018

Sandro P.

“The gluten-free I have always dreamt”

10 February 2018

Cinzia F.

“For the first time in my life I was able to forget my disability. My heartfelt thanks for this fantastic holiday.”

15 July 2017

Eleonora A.

“The variety of the menu and the seriousness and knowledge of the personnel made this holiday enjoyable and unforgettable. I strongly recommend the hotel!”

9 June 2017

Rossella B.

“Gluten-free Paradise! It is wonderful to stay here with absolute tranquillity and safety. I recommend Villa Madonna to all celiacs!”

27 February 2017

Francesca M.

“The dishes served are diversified and all top quality; the menu offers dishes of the local tradition and original cuisine. Finally, here is a place where the gluten-free menu is the same as the menu with gluten. The box lunches are also an excellent way to ensure a carefree outing.”

4 January 2017

Claudia O.

“Villa Madonna: Paradise for celiacs”

8 December 2016

Manuela C.

“Holiday without worries about food and excellent meals. The idea of the lunch-box is just brilliant. We can leave home without having to pack a special suitcase full of food!”

19 October 2016

Silvia F.

“Gluten-free Paradise in a natural Paradise. The certainty that our celiac family member will be perfectly cared for. Everything is served by a welcoming staff.”

2 October 2016

Rossella S.

“It is wonderful to enjoy a meal in absolute tranquillity and without the embarrassment of being different from everyone else.”

24 September 2016

Alessia D.

“It was like a dream… I could order the same dishes as anyone else, feeling pampered and reassured by your professionalism.”

3 August 2016

Lorenzo A.

“We had a wonderful holiday here!! The gluten-free meals were excellent and we didn’t feel different because the gluten-free menu was identical to the regular one.”

1 July 2016

Martina C.

“Not having to worry constantly about gluten made this a real holiday! In addition to not worrying about where and what to eat, we were pampered with so many good things! I can’t wait to come back…”

25 May 2016

Roberta M.

“It’s not hard to feel pampered and spoiled at this hotel. So nice to feel JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE and meet others who have our same problem. I’m afraid we’ll go home with a few extra kilos than when we left”

22 March 2016

Alessandra D.

“I feel as easy and safe here as in my own kitchen! Well done!”

3 March 2016

Ilaria C.

“At last a hotel where even we celiacs get spoiled and pampered. Friendly, highly professional people attentive to the needs of the clientele, whether celiac or not.”

15 February 2016

Angela T.

“You gave us a perfect holiday in a lovely place and the food was excellent both for quality and variety, but above all for safety! A truly carefree experience…”

2 January 2016

Sergio U.

“The happiness of our celiac daughter before your breakfast buffet and her enjoyment of the meals… she’d never tasted a krapfen!”

27 December 2015

Paola B.

“This place is a dream…I spend my summer holidays and winter holidays here, and whenever I can get away for a weekend! You will be spoiled and pampered by the personnel in a gorgeous location! Try it! Try it! Try it!”

26 December 2015

Maria A.

“If I decide to take a holiday someplace where I, a celiac, can eat good food and feel safe, where can I go? Easy: Villa Madonna, a paradise in the paradise of the Dolomites.”

28 October 2015

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