Gluten-free holidays at Hotel Villa Madonna

Celiacs are privileged guests at our hotel.

The gluten-free hotel, Villa Madonna, is located in the Trentino Alto Adige Region, in the heart of the Dolomites – at the feet of Mount Sciliar and the Alpe di Siusi. Find out why our hotel is a paradise for all those guests who want to eat gluten-free on holiday, without depriving themselves of the pleasure of enjoying delicious, healthy cuisine.

pane fresco senza glutine

Fresh bread – gluten-free and homemade

Every day, guests can enjoy different types of homemade gluten-free bread made by our chef: loaves, sandwich break and rolls; from tomato bread to bread with speck; from breadsticks to pretzels! A paradise for bread-lovers!

birra senza glutine

Gluten-free beer

Have you ever had the pleasure of sipping a good gluten-free beer at a bar?
You can choose your favourite here: we have selected the finest craft beers, both Italian and foreign, and you can enjoy them without worrying.

bambino che mangia

Children’s menu

Parents need not worry about their celiac children: our gluten-free menu is identical to the traditional one. In addition, we have prepared a gluten-free menu with the simple dishes kids love, like fresh pasta, breaded veal cutlets with chips and homemade ice cream.

Bambino che impasta

Gluten-free MasterChef class

Have you ever made gluten-free bread or cookies with your children? We have! Every week, when our activities program is in function, we organize a “Gluten-free MasterChef” class for the kiddies. It is important for the younger generation to approach problems like celiac disease and food allergies without fear and prejudice. Find out why Hotel Villa Madonna is a hotel for children.

incontri auto-aiuto celiaci

Self-help meetings for Celiacs

Do you have questions or doubts about gluten-free cuisine? Do you wonder what to do in certain situations when you feel “different”? Would you accept a dinner invitation you are uncertain about? We organize group meetings that can help you answer those and other questions.

And that’s not all…

icona lettera informativa

Informative letter to our celiac guests

From the moment of your arrival in our hotel, you will be able to see how much attention we reserve for our celiac guests. On arrival, we give you an informative letter that illustrates in detail all our services reserved exclusively for our gluten-free guests.

icona questionario di valutazione

Questionnaire about your opinion of our gluten-free hotel

We will also give you a questionnaire so you can express your opinion about our gluten-free hotel
Your opinion matters to us and helps us to keep improving. That is why before you leave we will ask you to fill out the questionnaire about the quality of our gluten-free services.

icona newsletter

Newsletter: a gluten-free recipe every month

In the mood for tasty dumplings or a delicious gluten-free apple strudel?
With our newsletter, every month you will receive our chef’s recipes for gluten-free dishes, so you can enjoy our specialties even at home.

icona chef

Contact with hotel schools

We work with several hotel schools to enact an ambitious project: choosing the best student-chef, expert in gluten-free cooking, through a competition and then inviting them for an internship with our staff.

icona offerte vacanze senza glutine


We are interested in spreading the word about our hotel and our “gluten-free” concept to all our celiac friends: that why we frequently make special offers for holidays for celiacs.

icona bicchieri

Special events

Every week we schedule special events on different days: a welcome drink, a buffet of appetizers, a buffet of cakes and fruit. Obviously, we take your needs into consideration with a strictly separate gluten-free version.

Celiac disease and gluten-free: what are they?

campo di grano

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in certain grains like wheat, rye, barley and oats that are used to make bread, pasta, cakes and cookies. Sometimes it is found in products where you would not expect it to be.

Always read the label and look for the words or logo “gluten-free”

Is it a good idea to eat gluten-free?

For people that do not have celiac disease, eating gluten-free is just a fad, based on the general idea that eliminating gluten prevents certain pathological conditions such as heart disease. This fad is unfortunately widespread these days, and you find more and more gluten-free foods in the stores, like cookies or ice cream. Of course, everyone is free to choose what they eat. Careful, however, a recent study, published in the prestigious British Medical Journal, seems to disagree strongly with the idea.

Obviously, for celiacs eating gluten-free is a therapy prescribed by their doctor that they must follow every day! This necessitates great attention in choosing the right foods and avoiding the risk of contamination with foods containing gluten. Our hotel has been offering gluten-free menus for 15 years because we have some celiacs in our family.

What kinds of damage does gluten cause?

People who do not suffer from gluten intolerance are not affected by gluten and, indeed, limiting gluten in the diet reduces the contribution of whole grains that are useful to the cardiocirculatory system. Celiacs, however, are subject to serious intestinal damage if they consume gluten.

What happens to celiacs when they eat gluten?

Gluten causes serious damage to the intestine of celiacs. The intestinal villi are comparable to “combs” that perform the function in the intestine of absorbing the nutrients in the foods we eat. Gluten is a “poison” for celiacs that flattens the intestinal villi and makes them unable to absorb nutrients.

What are the symptoms of celiac disease?

The effects of the disease are not the same in every patient. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all; more commonly, however, they have:

  • diarrhoea
  • swelling of the abdomen
  • nausea
  • dermatitis
  • calcium deficiency
  • slow growth of children


Tests of the blood and intestinal tissue will reveal the presence of celiac disease.

Can celiacs find help and advice?

There are many self-help groups on social media: among these, the Italian Society for Celiac Disease (AIC) safeguards the interests of celiacs and provides them with important information and an annual Guide to Gluten-free Foods.

Our hotel has been recognized by the AIC for 15 years as a hotel capable of providing a safe gluten-free holiday for celiacs. We cooperate actively with the German and Swiss Celiac Associations.

Why is Hotel Villa Madonna a “gluten-free hotel”?

Because a member of our family became celiac 15 years ago and we began to learn about the gluten-free world.

We heard the problems, anxieties and worries of many celiacs and parents of celiac children.

We like to see happy celiacs, who do not feel different at our hotel, but find themselves privileged and pampered during their holiday.

Your holiday is waiting for you here

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