The hotel also offers gluten-free and lactose free cuisine

We also offer gluten-free, lactose-free meals, as well as attention for other food allergies and intolerances.

These are the “ingredients” of our cuisine:

  • There are celiacs in our own family who help us to understand the needs of celiacs and people with allergies;
  • We devote care and attention to make our guests feel at ease and carefree;
  • We have years of experience and we also know there is always room for improvement;
  • The passion and professionalism of the personnel employed at the hotel and in its kitchen.

These “ingredients” make our hotel a real gluten-free, lactose-free paradise and attentive to food allergies.

Our kitchen is inspected periodically both by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association, Alto Adige branch) and the AILI (Italian Lactose-Intolerants Association) and guarantees the use of products certified by the associations.

preparazione impasto con farina senza glutine

The same menu for everyone

Every day we offer the refined, sophisticated cuisine of Tyrolean and Italian tradition.

The menu provided by our restaurant to celiacs and others intolerant to gluten, lactose and other foods is identical to the one we provide to our other guests.

For celiac children we prepare a gluten-free and/or lactose-free menu identical to the one for other children, without any distinction.

Fresh and healthy products

We prepare all our gluten-free dishes with fresh, natural products. Among our gluten-free specialties, we call your attention to our bread, desserts, our fresh pasta and our marvellous canederli.

Every morning, at breakfast, you will find a rich buffet awaiting you, with sweet rolls, pies, krapfen and other sweet Tyrolean specialties, prepared with care by the pastry chef of our restaurant.

In our kitchen we never use, and never offer our clients, any packaged products.

cuoco prepara ricetta senza glutine

Separate kitchen

We have a separate kitchen and a pastry shop right here on our premises, devoted to the preparation of gluten-free foods and pastries.

This enables us to guarantee our celiac guests and other guests with food intolerances that they can sit at the table without worries!

There is no danger of contamination between foods with and without gluten.

Separate buffets and informed personnel

In our dining room, a large separate buffet with only gluten-free food is available for the guests for your breakfast and for all the meals at the hotel.

The dining room personnel is aware of the particular precautions to take for people with gluten intolerance.

Gluten-free lunch box

We offer the possibility to use a practical thermal lunch box with hot dishes chosen from the varied summer or winter menu. During your hikes or when skiing on the slopes, it is not always easy to find mountain lodges or cottages that can guarantee gluten-free meals!

Farina senza glutine gialla mais

The quality of our ingredients

The gluten-free flour we use for the preparation of our dishes is of the highest quality, produced by Mulino Marello.

Flour from the Piedmont region, stone ground according to ancient traditions.

We do not use blends or deglutinated flour, preservatives or thickeners.

Gluten-free recipes

We are happy to share our gluten-free recipes.

The ones you see here are the last 3 published. Here is where you can read all the gluten-free recipes of Hotel Villa Madonna.


ricette senza glutine hotel villamadonna

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What people say about us

Many of our celiac guests, when they return home after enjoying the gluten-free cuisine at Hotel Villa Madonna, leave a review.

You can read the four latest reviews here, and you can see all of the  celiac reviews at our hotel.

Aleshia O.

The extreme attention to the celiac guests makes you feel important and considered. It was an amazing feeling. The cuisine is tasty and there is no difference between the gluten free dishes and the other ones.

15 October 2018

Ian D.

“Unique taste of gluten-free meals! I could relish every single dish without fear of  contamination.”

2 September 2018

Kimberly A.

“A safe place in which you can eat gluten and dairy free food.

The breakfast buffet is excellent with a large variety of fresh cake. But pay attention to your glycaemia! ;)“

31 August 2018

Christopher A.

“ 3 years ago I discovered I am celiac. At Villa Madonna, for the first time after that moment, I felt pampered and free to choose what I wanted to eat. It was an awesome feeling! Thank you all!”

24 August 2018

Our chefs respond

We interviewed the chefs who work in our kitchens to learn a few of the secrets of their experience with celiacs and guests with food allergies and intolerances.

Angelo Berardi


How can a pastry chef make a celiac happy?

Even before making our delicious desserts, we make our celiac guests happy by assuring them that we understand their condition and will cater to it, eliminating any initial tension and worry. Then, any dessert will make a celiac happy and I will be happy too, knowing I have brought someone a little joy!

Roberto Cerone


Do you get any pleasure out of cooking for celiac adults and children at Hotel Villa Madonna?

You bet! It is highly gratifying! Those are the guests whose pleasure shines in their eyes, and sometimes they express their gratification in words after enjoying fresh pasta or other gluten-free dishes.

Sinzu Fabrizio


Tell us one episode that you recall with pleasure.

One day a celiac boy asked to visit our kitchen and see the chefs at work. He watched us intently with curiosity and interest. Suddenly he told me: “When I grow up I want to be a chef like you and make gluten-free recipes!”. He made me proud of what I do and what I am!

Ercole Belli

Chef in the gluten-free kitchen

When you prepare a gluten-free or lactose-free dish, what do you think about?

I think about the guest who is waiting for that dish. I imagine his or her anxiety and curiosity about the food. My final thought, as the dish is leaving the kitchen is always the same: “This person must not feel different from anyone else at the same table. Enjoy!”

Farina senza glutine mulino marello

We choose the flour varieties stone ground by Mulino Marello for our kitchen.
We cook without mixtures, preservatives and thickeners.

The restaurant

Would you like to know our chefs better?
Are you curious to see how our chefs create some of their dishes?
Would you like to reserve a table?

Visits the page we have devoted to our restaurant, click here.

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